• Behavioral Support Services:


    Our mission is to provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to become productive members of society.  

    The Current Criteria for referring for PRC 29 direct services, a student must have:

    • A current IEP with behavioral goals(s) related to the target behavior
    • A current Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)-within 3 hears, and 
    • A current Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)-within 1 year

    ***This criterion is subject to change, pending changes to this funding source***

    Behavioral Support Services: 

    1. Provides short term interventions to enable students to remain in school
    2. Conducts environmental analysis and offers classroom management recommendations
    3. Monitors and summarizes/graphs data being collected by school staff
    4. Consults with school staff to implement both classroom and individual student interventions
    5. Consults with school staff on the development/revisions of the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and behavior goals.  
    6. Provides assistance with creating individual supports for the eligible student

    Behavioral Support Staff:

    Rodrigo Hyman (Behavioral Support Specialist)

    Boney Hoggard (Behavioral Support Assistant)

    Felisha Dixon (Director, Exceptional Children)

    WCS Behavioral Support Manual 2019-2020