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Directory of WCS Teacher Leaders and their Specializations

  • Directory of Washington County Teacher Leaders and Their Specialization Areas

    During our 2019-2020 school year, our Teacher Leaders will provide support to teachers, principals, schools, and the district in specialized areas. They will be presenting at our district-wide professional development days, and they are also available to you for small group or large group trainings during faculty meetings, PLCs, or planning period meetings. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Teacher Leaders.


    Sandra Arnold      

          Sandra Arnold  sarnold@wcsnc.org  

    Using Data to Modify Instruction

    • To improve student learning, we must collect data--quantitative and qualitative--and analyze this data as we plan our lessons. If you have a teacher or teachers who need support in this area, I’m here to help.

    Effective PLCs at the Middle School Level

    • Do your PLCs examine these questions? If not, I’m here to help.
      • What do we expect our students to learn? How will we know when they learn it? How will we respond if they don’t learn it? How will respond if they already know it?


    Kerry Baldwin

       Kerry Baldwin    kbaldwin@wcsnc.org

    Using SchoolNet for Formative Assessments

    • The first step of data-driven instruction is gathering data. SchoolNet is a tool we have that helps us align our assessments with our standards and then quickly analyze the results so we can plan next steps. I am available to provide support in this area.

    Developing and Using Rubrics

    • Rubrics are an important tool for teachers to use with students to share their expectations and guide feedback. I will be offering Professional Development in this area.


     Kim Dunlow

            Kim Dunlow   kdunlow@wcsnc.org

    As a member of the Teacher Leadership Initiative, I will continue to support you and your teachers in SGM. In addition, I will be offering Professional Development in the following areas:

    Graphic Organizers

    • Help your students classify ideas, structure their writing, problem solve, and brainstorm more effectively using Graphic Organizers.

    Cooperative/Collaborative Learning Structures

    • Cooperative learning has been proven to improve student achievement for all types of students. Yet too often, we ask students to sit in rows and not talk to each other. I am here to work with your teachers if they would like support in implementing Cooperative Learning Structures.


    Charlene Evans

           Charlene Evans   chevans@wcsnc.org

    I look forward to working with you this school year as part of the Teacher Leadership Initiative. I will be offering Professional Development support for the 2019-2020 school year in the following areas:

    Math 6-12

    • I am able to support your math teachers with team teaching, vertical teaming, model math lessons, and assistance in math classes. 

    Beginning Teachers

    • I will be providing support and resources to Beginning Teachers. If your teachers need some extra coaching, I am available.


    Victoria Fields

    Victoria Fields  vfields@wcsnc.org

    As a teacher with Washington County's Teacher Leadership Initiative, I look forward to working with you and your staff during the 2019-2020 school year. I am certified in ELA grades 6-12 and AIG grades K-12. I will be available for Professional Development in the following areas:

    English 6-12

    • I am available to assist with unpacking standards, planning ELA stations for instructional purposes, vocabulary instruction, understanding EOC/EOG question stems or whatever it is your ELA teachers may need. 

    Beginning Teachers

    • I will be providing support for beginning teachers. If your beginning teacher needs help in any way, I can provide individual support, if needed.


     Denise Harris

    Denise Harris  dharris@wcsnc.org

    The key to a successful classroom is classroom management.  As a member of the Teacher Leadership Initiative, I am here to provide support and resources about relationship building, rules, routines, student engagement, and expectation. I will also incorporate effective ways to enhance parental and community engagement.

    Classroom Management

    • Rules
    • Routines
    • Student Engagement
    • Building Relationships
    • Expectations

    Parental/Community Engagement

    • Positive Phone Calls
    • Celebrate Hard Work
    • Accommodate All Learners
    • Building Relationships


    Joi Hoggard

    Joi Hoggard  jhoggard@wcsnc.org

    For the 2019-2020 school year, I am here to support your staff in using Effective Learning Targets and the Gradual Release Model.

    Effective Learning Targets

    • Learning Targets guide our instruction. As we develop them, we must remember to include:
      • Clear Outcomes
      • Bloom's/Higher Order Thinking Skills


    Gradual Release Model

    • The Gradual Release Model is a best instructional practice that strives to encourage students to become independent learners (i.e. “I do, We do, You do”).


    VICKIE Livingston

    Vickie Livingston  vlivingston@wcsnc.org

    As a member of the Teacher Leadership Initiative, I will be providing information on the Digital Learning Competencies and Incorporating Technology into Instruction.

    Digital Learning Competencies

    • Defining NCDLC
    • How the NCDLC works with standards

    Incorporating Technology into Instruction

    • Open Education resources
    • Checking digital resources