Washington Co School Bus at Roanoke River Lighthouse
  • The MISSION of the Washington County Transportation Department is to provide safe, efficient and professional transportation to all eligible students who ride the bus.  

    Washington County Transportation Department oversees the safe transportation of more than 1100 students to and from school, 180 days each school year.  Safety inspections on all school buses are conducted every 30 calendar days.  During the 2016-17 school year our buses traveled over 250,000 miles and had only 1 chargable accident.

    At the 2017 State Transposium, the Washington County Transportation Department was recognized for having the 2nd best annual inspection score in the Eastern region of the state.   Each year the state transportation field consultants visit the LEAs in their region to inspect 10% of the bus fleet in the county for any defects. Those defects have a point value based upon severity. Banners are awarded to the county with the lowest average number of defect points and thus the most thorough bus inspection and repair process. NC Department of Public Instructions congratulated the top 10 in each of the three regions of the state for going the extra mile to assure their school buses are always in top condition.