football team
  • Front Row:  N. Lindsey, Z. Simpson, K. Ford, A. Zimmer,   J. Ford, K. Lucas, T. Brown, Z. Sanders, L. Bonds, Jr., B. Carter

    2nd Row:  E. Stevens, J. Hyman, D. McNair, Q. Wrighton, J. Brown, J. Ford, F. Stevens, Coach Davenport

    3rd Row:  J. Carter, K. Forbes, K. NcNair, C. Marshall, L. Williams, R. Norman, R. Lewis, E. Riddick

    Top Row:  Assistant Coach K. Pitt, C. Carter, T. Jakson, L. Norman, J. Morris, J. Ford, C. Bowser, Assistant Coach K. Sheppard

    Not Pictured:  Assistant Coach S. James and Assistant Coach D. Jones,  

    A. Chesson, A. Downing, and E. Chavis