Doing My Best To Be My Best

      By Zsane’ Bell

    If I were presently attending school, I would “Do My Best to be My Best.”  Arriving at school on time and going straight to class. Modeling respectful manners  to the teachers and classmates. In the classroom, completing my work and following the rules. In the cafeteria, I would stay at my table and leave on time. In the hallways, I would walk in a line and would not touch the walls. During fire drills, running in the hallways would not be acceptable and I would follow the teacher’s direction. In the library, I would return all of my books on time.  Writing on the desks or damaging anybody's property does not represent “Doing My Best to be My Best.”

    While attending school virtually online, my goal is still  to “Do  My Best to be My Best.” I am joining the classes on time everyday.  A quiet spot in my house is where I meet my teacher and classmates--  there are no distractions around me.  Muting my microphone unless the teacher calls on me as well as using  the chat to ask the teacher  questions.   Ensuring I am dressed appropriately if I have to turn on my camera; as well as make certain my classroom materials are available for every class.  I am proud to work hard and diligently to “Do My Best to be My Best!”

  • Vision: We will build a

    passionate learning

    community that 

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    Mission:  Doing Our Best

    To Be Our Best!