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NC has a new immunization requirement for 12th graders. They MUST have a second meningococcal vaccine ( the first was before/at 7th grade). Normally this is required within 30 days of school starting but has been extended due to COVID-19.
Although school is virtual, this is still a GRADUATION REQUIREMENT. Ms. Peele would like this completed by 9/30. The Washington County Health Department's number is 793-3023 if you would like to call & schedule an appointment there.
Seniors can check their school email for more detailed information about this immunization that was sent to them. It was also emailed to some parents/guardians if you have provided your email address to the school.
Feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns.
Sylvia M. Britt BSN, RN, NCSN
Washington Co. School Nurse
Washington County High School- 252-793-3031 (Daily until students return)