WC Work Ready Community

As Per Mrs.Stacey Gerard, MVEd, MSA with Beaufort County Community College: It's official! Washington County has been designated as a certified NC Work Ready Community. The NC Work Ready Community designation demonstrates that Washington County has met and, in many instances, exceeded the certification requirements as follows: 1) showed a commitment to workforce excellence, 2) improved high school graduation rates, 3) achieved the target goal of National Career Readiness Certificates (NCRCs), and 4) obtained employer support that they will recognize the NCRC in their employment practices. The NC Work Ready Community certification tells business and industry that the county has a qualified labor force that is ready to go to work! You can view the official announcement, certification criteria, and county data the ACT Work Ready Communities website:https://www.workreadycommunities.org/NC/187.


Thanks again to all!