Washington County Middle School

Parent and Family Engagement


Washington County Middle School Faculty and Staff understand that parent involvement/engagement plays a pivotal part in educating our students.  We place emphasis on family participation to ensure that families are involved in the education of their children.

Annual Meetings

Washington County Middle School holds various meetings to keep the parents abreast of events occurring at our school.  We hold:

  • 4 Curriculum Nights
  • School Improvement Meetings - Bi Monthly
  • Dad’s Night Out
  • Title I Meetings/Comprehensive Needs Assessment 
  • Sports Meetings
  • Parent Teacher Oranization  (PTO)
  • End Of Grade Night
  • Personalized Education Plan Nights (PEP’s)
  • Report Cards Pickup/Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Open House


During these meetings teachers and parents are engaged in brainstorming activities to generate ideas to improve teaching and learning.  During the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy, Student Compact and parent and family engagement opportunities are shared with families and the community to increase awareness. All information is sent home with students for parents to read and Compacts are signed and returned to school. 

Meetings and workshops are scheduled after 5:00 pm to provide opportunities for various work schedules. Parents are notified of activities/meetings through automated phone calls, personal phone calls, face to face, calendar of events, webpage, etc. 


The most significant way to enhance the quality of school life beyond a strong academic program is through communication.   We report our EOG testing results as soon as we receive them. A Form letter is constructed and sent to parents with their child’s EOG scores. EOG Summary Analysis Sheets are given and/or mailed home to parents. 

Progress reports are given to students every 4 1/2 weeks with assessment data based on pre/post assessments detailing accounts of what students need to improve on in areas of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Parents are invited to attend Report Card Pickup Day to discuss data and ways to improve/enhance student learning. Parents are encouraged to use PowerSchool to view and monitor their child’s grades. 

Students are required to maintain Panther Folders with Data Tracker where they record, plot, and monitor their data. Based on student’s data, Personalized Education Plans (PEP’s) are developed for the purpose of monitoring and differentiation of instruction for students needing additional support.  Parents are invited to attend meetings to discuss findings and ways to support their child at home.

Parent Surveys

At the beginning and ending of the school year, parents are given surveys to complete concerning “Areas of Improvement and Areas of Success.  Feedback from the surveys are shared with staff. School Improvement Team brainstorms strategies to improve areas needing improvement.

Materials and Training

During Curriculum Night and End of Grade Night, learning strategies are presented  by staff through various activities. Literature is shared with parents concerning the Standards their children need to meet in order to be proficient. Parents are engaged in the lessons and activities developed by teachers to simulate real-life activities in the classroom as well as EOG Preparations.

Education of School Personnel

WCMS has a tradition of collaboration and teamwork with all staff and parents to assume responsibility for student achievement. All stakeholders work closely together to achieve goals for our school. Our goal is to produce significant growth in Reading Math, and Science, according to State requirements.

Remediation and enrichment programs are offered and implemented for differentiated grouping to meet the needs of all students. 

Various organizations in our community assist students needing personal, social, and emotional support.